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A  Friend Within

         Listening to Jesus speak through the scriptures

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“A Friend within” is born out of a concern for the vast number of 21st century Christians who have lost their appetite for a personal God. Many Christians still practice their faith but overall, church attendance has continued to fall and shows no sign of improving. This is the major crises facing Western Christianity today. Surprisingly there has been little attempt to address this issue.

We began our journey by spending time listening to Christians with different degrees of commitment describing what makes God important in their lives. They told us that knowledge, inspirational liturgy and simple language were all useful but by far the most important gift was an awareness of the mysterious presence of God.

This discovery has led us to seek ways which will help 21st century Christians take the vital step in becoming aware of the divine. While our book is totally focused on this weak link in today's Christianity, we are also aware that it will only mature when it is combined with liturgical worship and wisdom of the wider Christian Community.

Our next task was to identify the spiritual and personal values which would help today's Christians become aware of God. It became clear that those who call themselves Christians still believe in Jesus Christ and have an inner desire to make him part of their lives. It also became obvious that friendship has a major place in today's world and that often feelings and emotions are more important than knowledge. Values such as these were used to develop a new way of praying which meets the needs of the 21st century.  


A new way of praying the scriptures

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“Spend two minutes each day being lost in my presence and you will experience my friendship in your busy lives.”

A Friend Within, Page 70