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A  Friend Within

         Listening to Jesus speak through the scriptures

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A brief summary

“A Friend Within" asks you to spend two minutes each day becoming aware of the friendship of Jesus.This book is very much a practical manual on how to make the Creator part of your 21st century daily life. This process is similar to mastering a new language or becoming proficient in a particular sport.

Our method of prayer combines the simplicity of the rosary with the wisdom found in the monastic movement, centering Prayer and the writings of St. Ignatius. The emphasis is on listening to Jesus speak through the scriptures rather than using words to speak to him. Extensive footnotes and additions bringing substance and authority to the chapters, help clarify meanings and answer questions which are important to 21st century Christians. In today’s world books speak about things of the heart, advertisers use pleasure and emotions and everyone speaks about the need for personal development. This book presents the Christian message within this framework.

In order to fully utilize and provide balance to this spiritual approach, the chapters provide a rounded appreciation of the sacred word based on contemporary biblical scholarship. This allows us to demonstrate how the awareness of Jesus, which is part of the popular appeal of evangelical spirituality, is also at the heart of the biblical theology of both the mainline Protestant and Catholic traditions.

Many High Schools and Parishes edit the  pages of this book to create material which suits their own particular needs.

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“Prayer is not just about what you say to Jesus. It is more about what Jesus says to you.”

A Friend Within, Page 53.