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A  Friend Within

         Listening to Jesus speak through the scriptures

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†                                              As a text for High School classes

†   Useful for prayer groups

†   Before the birth of a child or at the time of a wedding anniversary

†   When a person feels the need to experience the friendship of God

†   Parents with children preparing for first Holy Communion

†   As a preparation for Marriage or Confirmation

†   Parents with children entering a Christian School

†   When a person has lost a loved one

†   Discussion material in both parishes and Youth Groups

†   For a personal retreat or a Lenten exercise

†   As a study book of the New Testament

†   At the beginning of parish meeting


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“There is a very wise American saying: ‘You cannot play golf by just reading or listening. At some stage you need to pick up the stick’.”

A Friend Within, Page 32