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A  Friend Within

         Listening to Jesus speak through the scriptures

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A Spiritual Approach to the Gospels

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Speaking about John chapter 17:

“Every verse is a source of wonder and inspiration. My promises of friendship and eternity, which dominate the entire New Testament, are proclaimed in vivid and powerful ways. These words offer you a straight road towards your God.”

A Friend Within, Page 200

Biblicial scholars spend most of their time studying the meaning of the sacred text. Our interest is in another way of using the scriptures. This is often referred to as the spiritual or prayerful approach to the sacred word.

In this approach you are not reading the scriptures, you are listening to Jesus. The emphasis is on Jesus and how he is speaking to you directly as a friend.

The spiritual approach does not attempt to seek the exact meaning of the sacred text. It cannot be used to develop theological ideas or doctrines.  When the scriptures are used to formulate doctrines, a far more literal and objective approach is required.

Over 20% of American Christians believe the words of scriptures are fundamentally true. Their sincere belief is that every word of the scriptures is spoken by God and is absolute fact. The majority of Christians believe that God speaks to us through the ideas and customs of the 1st century biblical authors and that these authors are not always interested in historical details. The spiritual approach is not interested in these differences of opinion as they have little effect on how Jesus speaks to you.