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A  Friend Within

         Listening to Jesus speak through the scriptures

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Awareness praying to Jesus Jesus speaks directly to you Listening to the inspired world #top

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1   Surely all prayer involves Awareness?

2   Why pray only to Jesus? What about the Creator?

3   You put words on Jesus lips. Is this really necessary?

4   Why listening and say nothing? It’s normal to speak when you pray.

5   Only two minutes a day! What can you achieve in such a short period of Time?


One way of praying is to read or recite set prayers or to talk to God with your own words. Another way is to be still, do not use words or thoughts and just let your imagination be filled with the close presence of Jesus. The first method involves concentration on what you are saying. The second involves just being aware of a friend and listening to what God brings to your heart. Both ways of praying are important. Our book highlights the second way of praying as it produces the deep reality of God's presence within you

“Just reading the text is like owning a car and not using the engine.”

A Friend Within, Page 54