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A  Friend Within

         Listening to Jesus speak through the scriptures

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Praying to Jesus

This book believes that becoming aware of Jesus is the easiest way to rediscover the divine in today's world. Being aware of Jesus allows you to listen to God speak to you as you do with your other friends.

Friendship begins when you share your thoughts and feelings with other people. Sometimes it is shaped by past experiences. Sometimes it just happens. You like someone, and begin to speak to them about the things you have in common or about personal things in your life. You develop a bond of joy which brings you a feeling of security and happiness. A friend is someone you know and trust. It is good to have friends.

There is no reason why Jesus cannot become a friend like your other friends. He possesses the same feelings and human thoughts as you do. There can be a sharing of love and warmth, a joy, a closeness - all the precious things that are present in human friendship. Developing the friendship of Jesus is a very powerful way of experiencing the world of God.

Once you have established an awareness of the divine, you are then able to think of God as Father, Spirit, Creator or whatever comes naturally to you. Prayer in the full sense belongs to the Trinity: Father, Son and Spirit.

“Nothing could prepare my friends for the horrible experience of my death and then the joy of my resurrection. It filled their thoughts and emotions and brought new meaning to their lives”.

A Friend Within, Page 88.

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