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A  Friend Within

         Listening to Jesus speak through the scriptures

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The awareness of God

Awareness of the divine is the essential element in all kinds of prayer. Awareness is the glue which gives meaning and shape to all aspects of prayer. Awareness of God is at the very heart of our faith.

It is our belief that the single most important reason why 21st century western Christians are no longer practicing their faith is because they have lost their awareness of the divine. This belief is reinforced through our discussions with many Christians with various degrees of commitment.

The awareness we seek does not involve words or even thoughts. It takes the Christian away from the stress and activities of their busy world.  It is about knowing that God is present. It asks you to be still, to listen and to wonder. Sometimes it is strong and sometimes it is weak. This is the part of prayer which is often neglected.

God is already present, always loving, always watching. Our God is like a parent caring for a sleeping child. Parents take great delight when their child wakes and greets them with a smile or a word. In the same way God delights when we become aware of his presence. This is the attitude to awareness which we hope to capture.

“I had a remarkable message. Abba had entered my heart. I knew my Abba wanted to enter the hearts of all his people”.

A Friend Within, Page 66.

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