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A  Friend Within

         Listening to Jesus speak through the scriptures

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“The word Jesus is used over 900 times in the New Testament. It remains our favourite way of thinking of our God.”

A Friend Within, Page 102.

Jesus speaks directly to you

This helps you to appreciate the closeness of Jesus and how he speaks to you as your other friends do. The following words, taken from page 64 illustrate how Jesus speaks to you directly as a friend.

“Hi. My name is Jesus. Many years ago we were quite close. Lately we have lost track of each other. I would really enjoy getting to know you again and renewing our friendship. Let me begin by speaking to you about the things in my heart. Then perhaps you could tell me a little about your dreams. These words were not written by me but I hope they summarize the message that I want you to hear.

As you know I am God. I have no trouble creating stars and the beautiful things of nature, but what I would like from you is something different. I would like you to freely accept my friendship. This is the reason I became a human being. You are perfectly free to ignore my presence or just think of me once in a while. If you do decide to become my friend you will become far more precious to me than any of my other creations.

I always knew I was God, but I chose to become a human being and lived the same way as you do. The letter to the Philippians tells you how I "emptied" myself "taking the form of a slave, being born in human likeness" (2:7). I was born in a stable and experienced the joys and frustrations of growing into an adult. I never had my own room. I knew what it was like to be hungry. I can remember complaining that I had nowhere to lay my head (Luke 9:58). I slept on the ground and travelled on foot. Like you, I was tempted to turn away from the world of God and to seek the praise of others and the material pleasures of my world. “